Choosing Your Celebrity Sunglasses

Every celebrity needs the perfect pair of celebrity sunglasses, and you can achieve that celeb look with the right pair of shades and the perfect eye makeup underneath.

The classic oversized celebrity sunglasses might be designed to hide the signs of a late-night partying or to shield the wearer from the attention of the paparazzi, but there is no doubt that it’s a glamorous look that we have come to associate with fame and fortune.

Getting the Celebrity Sunglasses Look Right

• To get the oversized celebrity sunglasses look, opt for frames that reach right up to the brow line and line up with your eyebrows. The lower edge of the frame should sit above the cheekbone to help define the face and shape the cheeks. Try on different shapes to suit the shape of your face.

• Choose a color of frame that matches your own skin tone and hair. For lighter hair, go for a paler shade of lens, whereas dark brunettes or those with black hair can rock a darker, denser lens. Celebrity sunglasses are always chosen to work with the celeb’s style and complement their choice of makeup, hair color and skin tone.

• Express your own personality with a pop of color or a leg design that matches your style. Whether you want a designer name to show your excellent taste, a pop of bright color to express your fun side or a delicate design for a subtle style. Celebrity sunglasses are another way that celebrities can endorse a brand they love, share a style they are famous f0or or give their many followers a sense of their unique personalities. Use your shades to make a statement about who you are.

• Get the eyes right underneath! Well-groomed brows, gorgeous long eyelashes and a great complexion are crucial to rock the celebrity look even when your shades are off! When you push your sunglasses onto your head, let your eyes do the talking with a flawlessly beautiful look. This doesn’t have to take lots of time and effort to create; simply choose a beauty therapist who can provide perfectly defined brows, eyelash extension and eyelash extension removal and keep the eye area fresh and clear.