Get the Most from Your Beauty Regimen

Whether you spend a few minutes checking your reflection in the morning or you have a complicated beauty regimen that takes hours, everyone can boost their beauty by simply making the most of their beauty regimen. Instead of adding extra time, money or effort to your routine, simply having a few handy tricks up your sleeve can be the key to making the most of your natural beauty. We have some handy beauty hacks that will take your looks to the next level.

Top Beauty Regimen Tips

Tanning Tips

There are three simple rules to getting a great, natural-looking fake tan. First up, exfoliate! Make sure you exfoliate your skin very well before you reach for the tan. The second crucial tip is to use a quality tan applicator – these can make the difference between flawless tan and streaky mess. The third tip is to take extreme care when you are applying tan to the elbows, knees, feet and hands – these areas are drier and this can make for a darker result. Apply less tan to these areas, and blend, blend, blend!!

Get Clever with Homemade Facials

Clear skin is the perfect base for beauty. Making your own homemade facial from natural ingredients is a great way to give a healthy boost to your complexion. For a skin freshening boost, mix oatmeal with natural yogurt and apply to the skin for about 5 minutes, then wash off. Alternatively, apply an egg white to the skin to tighten the skin before moisturizing and applying makeup. A weekly homemade facial can improve your beauty regimen for next to nothing.

Healthy, No-Effort Nails

A manicure can be difficult and expensive to keep up, but healthy-looking nails are the perfect alternative. File your nails, remove ridges and apply a clear top coat so that they look shiny and neat. Keep them short, neutral and slightly rounded to reduce the risk of breaks and chips, knocking off time spent fixing mistakes.

Water Everywhere

Drinking plenty of water is crucial to beauty. By simply drinking more, you can reduce eye bags, dark circles under the eyes, blemishes and fine lines. Getting 8 glasses of water every day could have the same impact as a weekly facial! Your beauty regimen relies on what is inside your body as well as what you put on the outside.

Frame your Face

If your beauty regimen focuses on one part of your face, make it your eyes! Great groomed brows frame the face and can completely change your look, bringing balance to your face. Gorgeously long, glossy eyelashes bring youth to the face and create a healthy look. A lash and brow tint can give you a perfectly groomed look from the moment you wake up in the morning.

Simply beauty hacks can make a huge difference to how much time and effort it takes to get yourself looking your best. Working smarter means less effort for more impact.