How to Detox your Scalp

How to detox your scalp and get a deeper clean for your hair by exfoliating your roots with everything from sea salt cleaners to charcoal flakes.

A healthy scalp can lead to healthier hair. However, the scalp is often overlooked. It is an excellent place for styling products to build up, causing natural oils and sweat to "choke" the hair follicles and lead to flat, dull hair and breakage. Many experts embrace a "scalp detox" as a solution to this issue. We will explain how to detox your scalp.

As with skin exfoliation, scalp detoxification introduces cleaning ingredients - such as pore-freeing charcoal or antibacterial oils - to remove impurities and restore the brilliance and liveliness of the hair.

Although this cleansing ritual is suggested to be performed throughout the year, it is especially important during the warmer months when sebum production is peaking and your scalp is often covered with sunscreen, salt water and chlorine.

The latest scalp treatments on how to detox your scalp can be used instead of shampoo. For fine or colored hair, try a cleansing scrub, a sea salt soaked paste that soothes the skin and removes residues - including those that are left over from hair dyes that "tend to cause itching".

A scalp charcoal + coconut oil micro-exfoliating shampoo is a mud-like formula that slightly dissolves the build-up, bans bacteria and contains plant extracts to prevent dehydration and flakes. This is great for curly hair.

A pre-detox treatment is wonderful for sensitive skin. If you apply a few drops of oil, such as avocado, coconut or argan oil, which are non-greasy but hydrating oils, to around the crown and let is soak overnight, it may help as well. Then apply your scalp treatment such as shampoo, work it in small circular movements and rinse.

You can also use a dry-scrub. First divide the hair into four parts and massage any sulphate-free shampoos directly into dry hair for a tangle-free, thorough scrub. Spend three to five minutes in each zone before rinsing with water.

A deep clearing must be done regularly, but not daily or you will get irritated. If you regularly apply styling products - gloss spray, voluminous mousses - or if you have greasy hair, try a detox once a week.

If you are prone to dryness when it comes to how to detox your scalp, do a detox every two weeks. For textured hair you may have to detoxify once every few months. Avoid the smoothing of silicones, often found in styling products, that attach themselves to the hair in a way that can cause extreme buildup.

Also use shampoo and conditioner, an excess of which can lead to clogged follicles. You may prefer mist-on formulas of conditioners.

Co-washes - non-foaming cream rinsing - carefully loosen dirt and oil, but they must supplement, not replace, your usual cleaning regime. Rotating in a traditional shampoo at least twice a month helps to ensure that any build-up is resolved with a deeper cleaner.

Kneading roots can stimulate blood circulation which can promote a healthier balanced scalp. You may want to use a massager with rubber ends, which can be used on both wet or dry hair. Or you can routinely use a brush with bristles from roots to ends, which divides the natural oils along the shaft and gives the hair a natural shine, so much so that you can skip the shine spray completely.