How to Look Amazing When You Wake Up in the Morning

Do you wish you could look fantastic when you wake up in the morning without having to spend an hour in front of the mirror? We all have things that we would change about our looks if we could but luckily, there are steps we all can take to look and, more importantly, feel better. Natural beauty comes from being healthy and happy; everything else we do to make ourselves look good just adds to this inner beauty and accentuates it. Having a healthy, happy body comes down to the lifestyle you lead. How you live and work, the physical activity you undertake, the sleep you get and the foods you eat have a huge impact on how you look. So, whether your goal is better hair, better skin, better makeup, or just an overall better appearance, this article is here to make it easy for you to get a great look with little effort, every morning.

Top Beauty Tips for When You Wake Up in the Morning

For beauty when you wake up in the morning before you even reach for your makeup, get your diet right! To get beautiful skin, nails and hair, make sure you get enough of the vitamins and minerals required for good health and avoid processed foods. Try blueberries; they are great at improving skin's elasticity. Strawberries are delicious and they also help to protect the skin's collagen and reduce wrinkles. Avocados contain essential folate, which actually promotes healthy cell renewal. Last, but certainly not least, include tasty acai berries in your diet. Acai berries have twice the anti-oxidants that other berries contain, protecting your body from the inside out.

Create a healthy glow. If you want a smooth, perfect look on bare legs, add a tiny amount of foundation to your everyday body moisturiser and apply after your morning shower. This will give you an even look with just a hint of a tint and perfect lustre and softness.

Get natural shine. For perfect brows, with healthy, shiny hair and no dry skin, add a touch of petroleum jelly. Apply some at bedtime, every single night. Make sure to remember to wash it off when you wake up in the morning and your eyebrows will stay shiny and groomed all day.

Get staying power. If you have ever found the perfect hairstyle and decided to use hairspray to keep it that way, you have undoubtedly experienced the dreaded ‘helmet’ look. A fantastic way to combat this is to spray the hairspray onto the hairbrush and run it through the hair from the roots to the tips. This will result in a style that has volume and shine, from morning to night. Focus on your eyes to create a wide-awake look. Choose a soft eyeliner and start from the inside of the eye and slowly work your way to the outside. Do not go too fast, as this will just make your eyeliner smear; take your time and follow the eyeliner with mascara to open the eyes and create a focal point to the face. Consider permanent makeup to give you that perfect look every morning with zero effort!

What we look like is important, and the good news is that there are always simple things we can do to enhance our overall physical appearance. The most important thing is to get the look you want, with as little time and effort as possible, as soon as you wake up in the morning. Just apply some of the tips found here when you wake up for a beautiful day.