Makeup Tips for Eyes

The best eye makeup tips of all time

Flirting always starts with eye contact. So pay special attention to your eyes and makeup tips for eyes when applying make-up. Professionals use the correct techniques to make eye-catching make-up even matching colors from every pair of eyes. We have makeup tips for eyes from the experts!

Makeup tips with an eye-catching guarantee

Big, small, round, with or without visible eyelid crease: Eyes can be shaped very differently. Professionals respond by, highlighting features (such as a bright blue iris) and concealing small blemishes (such as a drooping eyelid).

At the same time, however, the make-up experts also know which tricks make eyes look bigger. Basically, the bigger the eyes, the more attractive we look. Last but not least, the pros also know the right products to make lashes fuller for example, and to ensure that eyeshadow does not settle.

Here are the makeup tips for eyes

So the eye-shadow lasts longer

No matter if you use powder or cream eye-shadow: After some time, the eye-shadow can settle in the eyelid fold. A thick line across the moving lid is the visible result. To prevent this from happening, professionals use an eye shadow base and let it settle into the skin for a short time before applying eye-shadow.

The base brightens the lid and compensates for color differences (veins, dark shadows). The skin becomes the perfect 'canvas' for the later color. At the same time, the eyeshadow adheres so well to the base that settling or smearing does not occur.

XXL Lashes

Make-up professionals first apply a 'base' to the hairs for extra eyelash volume. This is usually a white primer which envelops the individual eyelashes so that they are voluminous and longer even before the color. Some of these products even have a nourishing effect. Allow to dry briefly, then apply mascara - the final result is XXL eyelashes!

Emphasize eyelid crease

For an intense look and round, alert eyes make-up experts emphasize the eyelid crease with a darker tone than the rest of the eyeshadow. For normal eyelids, simply place the brush directly in the fold and blend slightly upwards.

The problem with droopy eyelids is the fold is not visible at all. Therefore, before applying makeup, determine which part of the eyelid is visible when the eye is open and then add shadow appropriately.

Set highlights

Top tip for narrow, small or low-lying eyes: First, cover the entire eyelid with a matte eye shadow color. Then use a shimmering eye-shadow from the same color family in the middle of the lid - just above the pupil - dabbed and well blended. The shine opens the eye and makes it look bigger and more alert.

Curl eyelashes

Very straight eyelashes look shorter than they actually are. This is a pity because long eyelashes open the eye and make the eyes look wider. In order not to damage the lashes use the eyelash curler before the primer or mascara.

Simply clamp the hairs as close to the lash line as possible between the two rubber strips and gently press for one to two minutes. If you heat up the curlers in advance with the hair dryer, you get even more curl in your lashes.

Choose the right eyeliner

Eyeliner is always a good choice, because it emphasizes the eyes very discreetly and makes the eyelashes look fuller. But how exactly the line looks on the upper edge of the lashes has an effect on how the eye makeup looks later.

Professionals make narrow eyes look rounder by pulling the eyeliner across the upper lash line. Directly above the pupil, the line widens and then it tapers again towards the outside edge.

'Droopy' eyelids are best corrected visually when the eyeliner starts in the middle of the eyelid. Begin with a fine line and then widen the line as you go outwards.