Sedu Hairstyles

The Sedu hairstyles are smooth, sleek and elegant. Whether your hair is long or short, a Sedu style can accentuate your features and create a healthy, well-groomed hair look that never goes out of style. If you admire the super sleek Sedu hairstyles that models and celebrities seem to achieve so effortlessly, then read on!

Tips for Achieving Perfect Sedu Hairstyles

1. Start with Perfectly Cleansed Hair

Use a shampoo that is designed to remove excess product build-up. Massage the shampoo into the scalp, lather well with warm water and rinse, then repeat the process, focusing at the roots of the hair where it tends to become greasy.

2. Condition the Hair

Use a conditioner which is for straight hair. Go for a specialist shampoo for sleek, straight styles or, if you have hair that tends to get dry or frizzy, use a richer conditioner designed to de-frizz dry hair and infuse it with moisture. Conditioned hair is crucial for great Sedu hairstyles.

3. Protect and Dry the Hair

Always use a heat protection spray before using heat on your hair. Dry with a paddle brush and long sweeping motions. Point the hairdrier downwards so that the hair is blown smooth.

4. Use a Great Straightener

A Sedu straightening iron is the key to a perfect Sedu hairstyle worthy of the red carpet. Don’t overwork the hair, but section it and work the straightener along the section slowly and firmly. Allow to cool before combing.

5. Seal the Hair

Use a smoothing product to seal your sleek Sedu hairstyles and prevent flyaways or frizz, whatever the weather.

6. Define those Eyes

Sedu hairstyles look best with a defined eye; this draws attention to your eyes and upper face and allows the sleek hairstyle to define your face. Groomed brows, eyelash enhancer and a dewy complexion will make the most of the Sedu hairstyle and give you that celeb look.